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Review the School Year with Your Teen

The end of the school year is a great time to reassess your expectations for your teen. Consider doing an annual review with your teen as the academic year draws to a close. Together, discuss how she views her progress. Here are some questions to consider:Did your teen do as well as she had hoped to?
Does she feel that her report card reflects what she learned?
What was her favorite class and why?
What was her least favorite and why?
Reviewing the year gives your teen a "benchmark" to use as she sets academic goals for the next year. Ask her what she would like to improve. Does she want to raise her English grade from a B to an A? Encourage your teen to come up with a list of goals she'd like to accomplish and have her write them down.
Work together to list steps your teen will have to take to reach each goal. Is there anything she can do now to reach these goals? For example, she might take a writing class at a local community college over the summer to strengthen her writing skills.
Whatever plan your teen comes up with, be sure to support her along the way. Knowing that you have high expectations—and that you believe in her—is great motivation for your teen to reach her goals.


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