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Don’t Accept Common Attendance Excuses

From Your Teen
You’ve heard them all—every excuse in the book for why your teen should be allowed to stay home from school. She’s even invented some new ones that weren’t around back when you were trying to put one over on your parents. Here is a list of some common excuses teens use to get out of going to school—and ways to address them:“I don’t feel good.” This excuse has been around for as long as, well, school itself. Unless your teen can describe her symptoms exactly and they are serious or warrant a trip to the doctor, send her to school.
“If I could just sleep for an extra hour, I’d be so much more productive.” Respond that if she skips TV time tonight, she could go to bed an hour earlier.
“I have a project due at 2 p.m. that I haven’t started yet.” Let her know that she needs to be more organized. She shouldn’t skip one class just to finish assignments for another one.
“I need to rest before the big game tonight.”School comes before extracurricular activities, and “big” events are no exception.
“We actually don’t have school today. I forgot to tell you.” If this could be possible, call the school to make sure.
Keep in mind that if your teen is constantly trying to stay home from school, it may be a sign of a larger problem. Ask her if something is behind her reluctance to go to school. Seek help from your teen’s teachers or school counselor if you are worried.


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