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Importance of Learning
As a parent, you are naturally concerned about the grades your teen receives in school. But too much emphasis on grades alone can send the wrong message and actually turn your teen off learning.Learning should be exciting and rewarding for its own sake, and not just something that is done to receive a certain grade. And often, if the excitement and fun of learning shine through, the good grades follow.
To build your teen’s enthusiasm for learning:
Ask what she thinks of her classes, rather than how her grades are. What does she find interesting? What is boring? What is easy? What is challenging?
Ask about ideas she has for papers or creative projects.
Ask what she would like to read if she had plenty of free time.
Ask if she is able to figure things out on her own. Does she think she is an independent learner?
Questions like these indicate that you are concerned about your teen’s interest in school and her ability to think, not only about her grades.


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