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Helps Teens Monitor
Their Comprehension
Reading comprehension—the ability to understand and apply what is read—remains a critical issue for many high school students.This often comes as a surprise to parents. After all, high school students are long past the age when they are expected to “learn to read.” But in high school, students are presented with increasingly complex and specialized material. Reading a high school textbook requires serious concentration by the reader. Teens must work to stay on task as they read, and then to make sense of it all.
Share these tips with your teen to build reading comprehension:
Ask yourself questions about the text. Teachers call this KWL. It stands for: 
    K = What do I KNOW? 
    W = What do I WANT to know? 
    L = What have I LEARNED?
Read aloud. This allows your teen to learn the material using two senses—with her ears and with her eyes. For extra help, have her read a page to you. Then read it back to her.
Restate the main points in your own words. After your teen finishes a section of the reading, have her take a minute to summarize what she read in her own words. If she can't do this, she should read the section again.


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