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Daily Attendance Supports Student Success
Sooner or later, nearly every teen is going to stumble out of bed in the morning and whine, "Do I have to go to school?"
Your answer can be short and simple: Yes.
Here’s why—students who miss school:
Earn lower grades than those who attend regularly. Learning builds on itself. A student who misses one day of math may not learn the foundation skills needed for the next several days in class.
Are more likely to get into trouble. What else are teens going to do if they’re not in school? They’re more likely to use drugs or alcohol. They’re more likely to get in trouble with the law and even to get pregnant.

Develop bad habits that may carry over to their adult life. Few jobs allow people to show up just when they feel like it. Instead, life is filled with things people have to do whether they want to or not. Teens who get in the habit of skipping school are less successful in adult life.


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